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Letter from the President of the New York Academy of Public Education:

It has been a pleasure to serve as President of the New York Academy of Education in its 105th year. The vision of the Academy remains to create an agora for the exchange of ideas among educators who wish to encourage and uphold promotion of higher standards and ideals of Public Education in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.

On behalf of the New York Academy of Public Education Officers and Board of Directors, we would like to thank Editor-in-Chief, John C. Jangl, Ed.D. and Research Editor, Linda K. Patterson, Ph.D. along with the Peer Review Committee for the creation and publication of the sixth annual NYAPE Research Journal. Our Journal contains reports, and practical articles that are applicable to all members of our Academy and educators at large. We would also like to thank the authors who contributed their manuscripts to make our Research Journal an informative collaboration from school leaders and college professors.

We would like to thank Mr. John Mancini for working diligently to keep our site up to date with informative resources and relevant news. We would also like to thank you, the members, for taking a minute to keep us informed of your professional highlights such as awards, commendations, and recognitions that should be shared with our community. Please continue to email spotlights to John Mancini at Our Website is updated continuously to promote the interests of urban education of public schools, private schools, and colleges and universities.

I would like to extend a special thank you to all our speakers who have inspired us over the years. At NYAPE’s fall 2016 dinner meeting, Dr. Gempesaw, St. John’s University President, delivered an address calling attention to the growing income inequality that exists in the United States today, and the impact that this wealth gap has on the educational process. At our 2017 Winter Dinner, Ramon F. Garcia Assistant Commissioner, School Safety, N.Y.P.D. brought to the Academy’s attention how to inspire students and help children and young adolescents stay in school for a brighter future.

We thank both leaders for being inspirational speakers at our dinner meetings and assisting the Academy as we move forth with our vision of encouraging and upholding the promotion of higher standards and ideals of Public Education in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area

This year’s Medalist is CSA President, Ernest Logan. The New York Academy Medalist Award is the highest award bestowed by the academy upon an individual who has demonstrated beneficial impact and commitment to improving our public education system. The award was established in 1935 by NYAPE and continued by its Board of Directors. Congratulations Ernie!

If you would like to nominate someone to our organization, please visit our Website at Applicants can apply online. Inductions into the Academy occur at our fall and winter dinners.

We look forward to greeting everyone at our next dinner meeting in October.

Marisa Bolognino
President New York Academy of Public Education

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