Donald Conyers

First Deputy Chancellor, Donald Conyers, is a member extraordinaire of The New York Academy of Public Education. As First Deputy Chancellor, Donald works daily in support of our Chancellor’s priorities while overseeing the Executive Superintendents who are charged with the supervision and support of system leaders, teachers, staff, and students.

A veteran of the New York City public school system, Donald began his journey with New York City public schools in 1968 as a Bronx kindergartner at the Castle on the Hill – PS 31. After a four-year hiatus to complete his undergraduate degree, he returned to the Department of Education as a special education teacher while working towards his master’s degree in special education and another in educational administration.

Donald has served the New York City public schools with distinction for nearly forty years holding a variety of teaching and leadership positions, including special education teacher, assistant principal, principal of thirteen years, superintendent of schools PK-12, and Senior Supervising Superintendent. Presently, in addition to his responsibilities as First Deputy Chancellor, he drives the principal tenure and evaluation systems, principal installation processes, superintendent and deputy superintendent induction and professional learning, the Office of Leadership, and the School Workflow Management team.

Donald’s accomplishments have focused on compassion, accountability, the equitable delivery of quality instruction for all students while sharing, teaching, leading, and encouraging others to pursue excellence. His positive attitude towards achieving educational excellence, selfless service to others, and his self-motivated approach have inspired many to move toward generating their own success stories. He works closely with the Chief Academic Officer and the other Deputy Chancellors on the Chancellor’s Cabinet to ensure that New York City continues to recognize, address, and experience the challenges and opportunities designed to make us all better.

Donald Conyers is arguably the first African American male holding the second in command role within the last 30-35 years, and his impressive career as educator and leader unquestionably demonstrates a milestone of remarkable achievement.