John L. Mancini, Jr.

John Mancini - Director of Public Relations, NYAPEThe New York Academy of Public Education for more than one hundred years has been a credible and prestigious educational organization. In previous articles, I have written about the Academy’s history from its inception noting clearly that the viability of any organization is the result of those who create and maintain its long-lasting existence. Of the many illustrious members of our Academy these past many years, I am acknowledging today a man who has been a long-standing member.

John L. Mancini Jr., Academy member since 1982, served on numerous committees and as our Executive Director. As Director of Public Relations and the Academy’s web site, John has provided an informative technological means of communication to the public at large.

John L. Mancini Jr. began as a teacher in South Jamaica, Queens and became an Assistant Principal at the same school. John was appointed as Principal of Seth Low Intermediate School in Brooklyn which had waned in popularity and had lost many students to gifted magnet programs before he arrived. Working with his new faculty and staff, a special program for gifted students entitled “Masters”-Math Arts and Sciences To Encourage Regents Scholarship, was developed. In a few short years, the population of the school increased by almost 40% attracting many students from three neighboring districts. Seth Low IS was named as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. A few years later John became New York’s Principal of The Year. He was honored in The Rose Garden by President Ronald Reagan. He and his staff subsequently hosted visits from Secretary of Education and The First Lady of The United States.

Mr. Mancini became active in the Middle School Principal’s Association ultimately becoming president. He then served as United States Chairman of The Urban Schools Committee of The National Association of Secondary School Principals.

John’s Wealth of experience includes:

  • BA, MA, and SDA from Queens College
  • Faculty Member of Brooklyn College since 1984
  • Hearing Officer for DOE Office of Appeals and Reviews
  • Consultant Supervisor –NY State Teaching Fellows’ Program at Brooklyn College
  • Principal of IS 96 Brooklyn for twenty-one years
  • Past President –Middle School Principals’ Association
  • US Chairman of Urban Schools Committee National Association of Secondary School Principals
  • Member and President of Community School Board 26, Queens
  • Author of “Schools in the Middle” and “The Reporter” monthly Newsletter of Middle School Principals’ Association

John is especially proud of two hobbies: Keyboard player and vocalist with recording group “The Capris”; and Korean Art of Tae Kwon Do thus awarded rank of First Degree Black Belt

John and his wife Linda feel blessed to have two happily married children, daughter Valerie and son John. “Grandpa John” treasures his many hours with his grandchildren.

John Mancini Jr. is a model of professional excellence who shares his personal experience and wealth of knowledge, and continues to provide our Academy with the richness of his life and career.