Linda Patterson, Ed.D.

An appreciation and understanding of the history of an organization can be realized and reflected by those who serve in its purpose and development. The New York Academy of Public Education has established its credibility and richness of its history by the many whose lives evidence a commitment to the world of education.

Dr. Linda Patterson’s educational career expands decades as teacher, assistant principal, principal, leadership coach and educational consultant.

Dr. Patterson earned a B.A. at the University of Vermont, a Master of Educational Administration from the University of Virginia, a doctoral degree in Educational Administration from New York University, and a certificate from the Principal’s Institute at Harvard University. The topic of her doctoral research continues to guide her work in the field, The Relationship Among Teacher Empowerment the Management Style of the Principal and Shared Decision Making in Middle Schools.

Dr. Patterson has also served in the Chancellor’s Office of The New York City Department of Education Office of Curricular Initiatives. After retiring from the Department of Education, she joined New Leaders for New Schools to prepare principals across the nation.

Dr. Patterson is currently an independent educational consultant to Schools in the State Of New York. Her work is focused on leadership training and support, school-wide goal setting, new teacher induction, teacher assessment systems, professional development and curriculum design. It is her belief that we know much about effective instructional actions that ensure the success of our young people. We must continue to maintain the will to implement the appropriate measures for success in the face of extreme adversities.

Dr. Patterson volunteers to work with those engaged in doctoral studies. She serves as a coach, reader and editor. This complements the work she does as research editor for the NYAPE Journal. These activities demonstrate her strong commitment to the belief that it is the responsibility of education practitioners to build the body of knowledge that guides the profession.

Linda is a life member of the NAACP and the Association of Black Educators of New York. She holds membership in the academic honor societies and president emeritus of Phi Kappa Delta, New York University Chapter.

Linda’s professional ethics include a strong willingness and reliability to take on duties and responsibilities in the best interests of education. Linda mentors an orphan in Kenya through the Hope Children’s Fund. She met her on her trip to Kenya. Linda supports her education and she will soon come to the US to study medicine. In addition to living in Brooklyn, Linda maintains and enjoys her home on a peaceful ranch in Harpersfield, New York.

Dr. Patterson contributes to The Academy the invaluable richness of her work.