Patrick Dunleavy

NYAPE - Patrick DunleavyPatrick Dunleavy has been recording secretary par excellence of the New York Academy of Public Education (NYAPE) for the past twenty years and New York City educator for more than three decades. A professional with an incredible background as teacher, lead supervisor, and assistant principal of English in the high schools, knew at a very young age that he wanted to be a teacher.

Patrick’s leadership was demonstrated during his many years as a member of the NYAPE, National Council of Teachers of English, President Emeritus of the Catholic Teachers’ Association Archdiocese of New York, Chairperson of the Irish American Heritage and Culture Committee and Adjunct Professor of the College of New Rochelle and Mercy College. Patrick’s many years as Assistant Principal of Supervision of the English Department at Curtis High School provided students and staff with an interdisciplinary curriculum, career awareness program, community and Shakespeare programs.

Patrick’s many extracurricular activities included: yearbook advisor, counselor at leadership weekend programs, coordinator of student teachers in the English Department and development of a mini-school for students preparing for a high school equivalency diploma.

Patrick’s professional contributions these past several decades have impacted on the growth of many students, staff and parents. His concentrated efforts on teaming for success in his many endeavors created positive and collaborative interpersonal relationships among his students, staff, parents and colleagues. Truly a “Renaissance Man,” proficient with broad intellectual interests and a passion for his work, he loved to share with the many teachers he supervised.

Patrick Dunleavy continues to share with us with humility his knowledge and expertise contributing greatly to the New York Academy of Public Education.