Philip A. Composto, Ed. D.

NYAPE - Philip A. Composto, Ed.D.Ten decades have passed since the NYAPE was established in 1912. At that time the leaders of this honorary organization focused its primary efforts on the advancement and progress of urban education. The Academy successfully provided a common forum and meeting ground in fostering educational activities between the professional community and the public-at- large.

To confirm our historical perspective of the accomplishments and professional lives of the academy’s prestigious leaders, we look today at an individual, Dr. Philip Composto, who has earned special merit and contributed to the advancement of educational concerns and standards.

Dr. Composto has dedicated thirty-six years of service to the New York City Department of Education. For the past eight years he has served as the Community Superintendent of District 30. Prior to this appointment, he served as Local Instructional Superintendent, Deputy of District 30, Principal of the Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle School, Special Education Supervisor, teacher trainer and Teacher. He enjoys being a part of the N.Y.C. Department of Education’s significant systemic reform efforts that help monitor the achievement gap and increase student performance.

As former principal of the Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle School, he was a member of the NYC Board of Education Middle School Initiative. This restructuring initiative, in collaboration with local universities, enabled participating schools to create learning environments that met the unique needs of individual children during this critical time of adolescent development.

Dr. Composto has been the recipient of many honors. In January 2000, he was appointed by Chancellor Levy as a member of the Distinguished Faculty of the Center of Recruitment and Professional Development Leadership Program whereby he mentored new principals. In addition, he is the recipient of many Outstanding Educator and Effective Leadership Awards. Dr. Composto’s entire career, including his role as an esteemed educator, college professor, devoted husband to Nancy, dedicated father of four children and grandfather of three children, has provided him a history of rich experiences to effectively help parents and holistically educate children.

Dr. Philip Composto, a professional of integrity and commitment to others and to his life’s work is respected and applauded as a stellar model for the New York Academy of Public Education.