President’s Message

Letter from the President of the New York Academy of Public Education:

Michael Troy, New York Academy of Public Education President

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the 56th President of the New York Academy of Public Education. I want to thank the entire Academy and the Board of Directors for their tremendous support and continued hard work over the last few years, especially to our outgoing President, Dr. Anthony Cavanna. Dr. Cavanna performed exceptionally as President, leading and guiding all of us through some rough times due to the pandemic. He ensured that the Academy carried on the tradition of holding all of our annual events, as they had to be hosted virtually to help safeguard the health and safety of all members. Dr. Cavanna continuously put forth his best effort to see that the Academy grew, by welcoming many new members. Thank you, Dr. Cavanna and job well done!

The mission of the Academy is to consider and to promote the interests of urban education in public schools, private schools, colleges and universities in the Metropolitan Area. The vision of the Academy is to create an agora for the exchange of ideas among educators who wish to encourage and uphold the promotion of the highest standards and ideals of Public Education in the Greater New York Metropolitan area.

To ensure that the mission & vision of the Academy is upheld and carried on into the future, I would like to welcome the new President-Elect, Ms. Susan Barnes, our new Executive Director, Dr. Catalina Castillo, our new Treasurer, Ms. Gina Mautschke-Mitchell, Recording Secretary, Dr. Craig Markson, as well as all of the members who have been elected to serve on the Board of Directors. I also want to thank all of the members who have agreed to volunteer and chair the various committees within the academy. There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer, and I appreciate their continued dedication. I look forward to working together with everyone as a team, to help guide the academy towards achieving new milestones within all areas of education.

The Academy is proud and excited to welcome NYC Deputy Chancellor Carolyne Quintana as the honored speaker at our annual Fall Dinner, to be held on Tuesday, October 25th at The Union League Club in NYC. Reception will begin promptly at 5:30 PM, followed by dinner at 6:30 PM. The Academy’s Professional Journal is published annually and you can find it on our website at The journal committee continuously encourages the submission of articles for review. I look forward to greeting everyone at our fall dinner.


Michael Troy
New York Academy of Public Education