Denise Schira

High congratulations are definitely in order for Denise Schira. She is becoming a Somatic Movement Therapist for “Moving For Life,” a wonderful organization that brings dance and other skills to cancer patients and other chronically ill populations. Denise will be trained and will bring her skills to a dance classroom for several groups that would otherwise not be able to have such an opportunity.

Those of us who know Denise are not too surprised in how she shared the information with us. She told us that she is “…humbled, honored, and excited to be the recipient of a full scholarship to study…” All of our dictionaries define the word “recipient” as someone who is receiving something. And Denise will “receive” the training. But, after that she will be giving tremendously to help so many people!! We are proud and humbled by your unselfish efforts, Denise!!

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