Anthony N. Baratta, Ph.D.

Anthony N. Baratta, Ph.D.

Dr. Anthony Baratta has admirably contributed to the richness and accomplishments of the Academy for many decades. Nominated to the NYAPE by Dr. John King, former Executive Deputy of New York City Schools, Dr. Baratta served as a tenured full time distinguished professor of education in the Graduate School of Education at Fordham University until August 2008. His noteworthy forty seven years included positions of Associate Dean, Chairman of the Division of Administration and Supervision and Chairman of the Division of Curriculum and Teaching. Dr. Baratta was designated Director of the Instructional Administrators Program at the Professional Diploma level.

Sixty fellows of African American and Hispanic ethnicity in the NYC school system completed and received the Professional Diploma. Many of the IAP fellows became principals and superintendents. Dr. Baratta was the founding and continuing editor of the Journal for the New York State Colleges of Teacher Education for seventeen years. This publication served the teacher education community of more than seventy colleges and universities in New York State. Moreover, it provided a medium for many faculty members and graduate students to publish their research and articles on a large variety of professional subjects.

Dr. Baratta, member of the NYAPE Board of Directors for over thirty years, served as president in 1976. These are sentiments expressed by Anthony: "NYAPE has been a significant organization my life. Through NYAPE I have been fortunate to have connections and interaction with countless administrators for the Board of Education of The City of New York. NYAPE has served as an illustrious organization for the furtherance of public education."

Dr. Baratta has served as co-editor for three major professional books and has currently authored Cesar Taormina, Values and Reflections - An Intrinsic Focus on The Core Values for Good Living.

One of the many wise observations of human behaviors stated by Anthony is: "If you think education is expensive, wait till you see what ignorance costs you!"

How very proud, honored and grateful NYAPE members can be in applauding the meritorious contributions to education of Dr. Anthony Baratta.