Madeleine D. Brennan

Madeleine D. Brennan


Madeleine D. Brennan has been a member and officer of the academy for the past several decades. She served as president from 1988-90, and is currently treasurer who maintains the fiscal integrity of the academy.

Involved with numerous professional, civic and community organizations, Madeleine is well known throughout New York City. For more than forty two years as chairperson of The Friends of Music of New York City, she has fought to keep alive the five Boroughwide Junior High School Programs. Thousands of children have benefitted from the Saturday morning sessions and concerts at local high schools, colleges and the annual concert at Carnegie Hall. Mrs. Brennan's tenure as principal of the Dyker Heights Intermediate School in 201 in Brooklyn spans more than four decades. Her strong leadership and supervisory abilities have resulted in forty eight teacher and Assistant Principal appointments to principal and administrative positions in N.Y.C.

Madeleine's special talents and abilities have been recognized by many organizations. She has been the recipient of awards from St. John's University of Education Alumni, Middle School Principal's Association, Emerald Society, Catholic Teachers' Association, Mayor of N.Y.C., Governor of New York State, Borough President of Brooklyn and more.

Madeleine's indefatigability and commitment to providing our young students with a well-rounded, excellent education for more than half a century confirm the acclamation of her lifelong contribution to the Middle School Youth of New York City.