Michael F. Capobianco, Ph.D.

Michael F. Capobianco, Ph.D.

Michael’s principal areas of research are graph theory, mathematical statistics, 20th Century Latin American Literature, Chinese Written Language, Cosmology and Astronomy.

Michael has applied his extensive knowledge of statistics to such fields as social networks, science and literature.

Michael uses statistical analysis to identify the strength of a graph and its application to organizational structure or the distribution of popular persons in a social network.

His collaborations in literature include such short stories as: “Oscar”, “The Depths”, “October Pumpkins”, “The Soul-Giver”, “Translating a Poetic Prose”, “The Evolution of Holiness, A chronicle of The Catholic Church Through the Lives of Her Saints”, “Cosmogoria: A Tale of Two Galaxies” and more.

Michael’s publications, a total of forty eight, include subjects from introductory engineering statistics, using probabilities to compare parking disciplines, to a proposal on a Chinese-English stroke–sequence dictionary.

Dr. Capobianco, a prolific writer of diverse publications, just completed a translation of a book of poems in the Trentino dialect. He is also working on a new type of Chinese-English dictionary using his stroke-sequence system and developing a book devoted to his original methods for teaching Mandarin Chinese to English speaking students.

Dr. Michael Capobianco has provided a wealth of knowledge as author and educator for many decades. The richness of his contributions has immeasurably enhanced the credibility of The New York Academy of Public Education.

We are grateful to Dr. Capobianco and applaud him in his lifelong work. Our expectations in his world of probability will be the publication of his next ten books.