Seeking NAESP National Office

Seeking NAESP National Office

Liza Caraballo-Suarez, the long-time Principal of the Magnet School of Agriculture, Engineering & Design-PS 120, a pre-K-5 school in east Williamsburg is more than willing to explain how she works…until she gets the resources she needs to help her students.

“My advocacy for equity and access for my students takes different forms………….. If education is the key that opens many doors, all our children should be getting the same key”.

Ms. Caraballo -Suarez is now applying her determination on the national level as she runs to become the vice president of the National Association of Elementary School Principals, where she currently serves as a director at large. The election will be decided by a vote that will be held from Feb.23 through March 5. ………… CSA President Mark Cannizzaro said Ms. Caraballo -Suarez will be a tremendous asset nationally………”We should all do whatever we can to support her”.

The New York Academy of Public Education is proud to support our member, Dr. Liza Caraballo – Suarez for the position of Vice President of the National Association of Elementary School Principals.

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